Behaviour code for young people


This Code of Behaviour was written in consultation with children and young people. It aims to make sure everyone who participates in Go Live Theatre Projects’ (GLTP) services knows what is expected of them and feels safe, respected and valued.  GLTP must make sure that everyone taking part in our services has seen, understood and agreed to follow the Code of Behaviour, and that they understand the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.  We expect people who take part in our services to display appropriate behaviour at all times. This includes behaviour that takes place outside our organisation and behaviour that takes place online.

GLTP will work within the behavioural guidelines set out by the school or youth setting in which the project is being run. We also adhere to our own set of behavioural standards as below. These terms are to be agreed before a project begins.

Basic principles 

This Code of Behaviour aims to: 

  • identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviour 
  • encourage cooperation, honesty, fairness and respect 
  • create an environment where your self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence will grow 
  • encourage you to recognise and respect the rights of others 
  • encourage you to take responsibility for your own behaviour 
  • help resolve conflicts and make it clear what will happen if you decide not to follow the code. 

Dos and don’ts 

You should: 

  • cooperate with others 
  • be friendly 
  • listen to others 
  • be helpful 
  • have good manners 
  • treat everyone with respect 
  • take responsibility for your own behaviour 
  • talk to Susan or Brad about anything that worries or concerns you 
  • follow this Code of Behaviour and other rules (including the law) 
  • join in and have fun! 


You shouldn’t: 

  • be disrespectful to anyone else 
  • bully other people (online or offline) 
  • behave in a way that could be intimidating 
  • be abusive towards anyone. 

These dos and don’ts can be printed and put up or put into online slides when required, to ensure they are visible at all times. 


What happens if I decide not to follow the Code of Behaviour? 

This Code of Behaviour is part of our process for making sure everyone who takes part in our services receives the support they need.  If this not upheld, the following sanctions will be applied:

  1. Child/Young person is spoken to and given a warning about their behaviour
  2. Child/Young Person is asked to sit out for 15 minutes of the session, is spoken to at the end of the session and agrees to improve behaviour
  3. Child/Young Person’s teacher/parents are written to issuing a warning and is suspended from one session. Conversation had with parent/teacher.
  4. Child/Young Person is removed from the group


Contact details

Susan Whiddington

Chief Executive Officer



General enquiries hello@golivetheatre.org.uk

Police 999 (imminent threat) or 101 (non-emergency)

NSPCC Helpline help@nspcc.org.uk 0808 800 5000

Childline 0800 1111

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